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Jul 25, 2023

Welcome back Renee Rosales, founder of Theara! We start the episode with a beautiful story honoring Renee’s maternal grandfather and the divine gifts we receive from past generations. Next, Candice and Renee address some current challenges within the neurodiversity movement (infighting, “meltdown”, etc.) and offer...

Closed Captions for Season 3 | Episode #8: Renee Rosales

Jul 25, 2023



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Hi everybody. Welcome to Fabuli Candice, season 3, episode 8.


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We have Renee Ralis back. To talk about All good things. All good things are distinct.


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I absolutely.


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Jul 18, 2023

Nel and Bex are back to update us on life since their international move to Montana! While there have been a fair number of logistical and familial struggles, they describe how the relationship has actually strengthened throughout the big transition. Candice guides us through what feels like a live therapy session in...

Closed Captions for Season 3 | Episode #7: Nel & Bex

Jul 18, 2023



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Hi everybody, welcome to season 3, episode 7 of Fabulously Candice.


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We are slowly coming to the end. Of the fabulously Canada's podcast. Wild. And I'm in a different room today.


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I we've had a transformer blowout where...