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Closed Captions for Season 3 | Episode #5: Aly Dearborn

May 30, 2023




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Hi! Everybody. Welcome to season. 3. Episode 5 of fabulously Candice, and before I introduce our fabulous guest today, I just have to say that I bought jelly shoes from, and I had jelly shoes in 1986.



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I was 12, and I haven't had...

May 30, 2023

Welcome back, Aly Dearborn! In today’s episode, Candice and Aly reflect on their presentation from the 2023 IITAP Symposium: Love Addicted or Seeking Safety: Accurately Screening, Diagnosing, & Treating Autistic Females with Symptoms of Trauma, Sex, & Love Addiction In Both Inpatient and Outpatient Settings. We also...

May 16, 2023

We are back with our FINAL, FABULOUS lineup of guests!

Today, Candice is joined by master’s student Ben VanHook to discuss advocacy for policy reform that would make hiring processes and educational environments more inclusive for neurodivergent individuals. They also share personal stories about...

Closed Captions for Season 3 | Episode #4: Ben VanHook

May 16, 2023



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Hi! Everybody! Welcome to fabulously Candice! Holy cow!


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It's been a minute since we've recorded.


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There's been so much going on this year. We're at season 3, episode 4.


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And I must say...