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Jun 28, 2021

In today's episode, Candice talks to Dr. Stormy, a sexuality coach and the creator of Love Deep Lab. They explore all things sexual including how autistic people can explore our bodies, embrace fantasy, identify issues related to sexual aversion, and more!  

Information about Dr. Stormy's work: She combines the knowledge from her medical degree, and certification as a sex, love & relationship coach with her experience as an occupational therapist and with her 15 year practice in tantra, breath work, yoga, meditation and sacred sexuality. Stormy offers coaching with women, men, or couples to help them more deeply connect to self, the beloved, and sexuality as a source of power. Dr. Stormy helps people to find more passion and vibrancy in life and in the bedroom.

Stormy has always been fascinated with the brain and neurodivergence. She has the honor of being the mom of an amazing 17 year old son with autism who is her greatest teacher in both the joys and the challenges that accompany parenting.

To learn more about Dr. Stormy and Love Deep Lab check out her website at or follow along on IG/FB @lovedeeplab. You can also tune in to her podcast Love Deep Lab Podcast every Thursday for topics of sex, science and sacredness.