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May 10, 2022

Carole Jean Whittington, also known as the ‘Social Autie’, is a late-identified ADHD-Autistic woman and Host of the Mind Your Autistic Brain Talk Show. She uses a NeuroDistinct perspective to educate on Autistic accommodations in the workplace, relationships, burnout, masking, and more!

In this episode, Candice and Carole Jean cover a variety of sexy and inspiring topics including sexuality myths and realities of Autistic women, misidentified emotions and alexithymia, knowing (and loving) ourselves completely, and how what goes on outside the bedroom will impact what goes on in the bedroom! There is also talk of mental health, autistic burnout, and finding oneself after hitting rock bottom. The episode is wrapped with Candice and Carole Jean reading and answering some Neurodiverse Love Conversation Cards!

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